Sam Spooner

The Rising Star Award is given to a new student who is yet to take a grade one exam or reach that standard of playing.


Sam Spooner exemplifies everything a teacher could wish for in a young student. He is enthusiastic in lessons and keen to learn. Sam has a natural feel for music and timing and always likes to set his own challenges. As well as taking his Piano Prep Test earlier in the year Sam really enjoys music theory and is powering through the Grade One Theory of Music workbook.

Nieve McFarlane

The Most Improved award goes to the student who has done the most to improve themselves over and above what has been set for them in the lessons.


Nieve McFarlane is a very talented you clarinettist whose patience and determination have really shown through this year. She set herself the goal of achieving Grade 4 Clarinet which she achieved over the summer. After some talk about the benefits public performance Nieve seems to have been bitten by the bug. She has hosted two coffee mornings, playing for the retired community and joined the Durrington Orchestra where she could be seen playing, most notably, at Stonehenge.

Thomas Milton

The Lightning Award goes to the student who has achieved the best overall result in examination.


Thomas Milton earned the award for his Grade 2 recorder exam in which he scored a high merit. Despite nerves on the day Thomas managed to play all three of his pieces to the same standard he achieved during lessons. Those who have ever been in an examination will know that his is not easy to achieve, particularly if this is your first woodwind exam. Thomas has now switched to clarinet and will be taking his Grade 3 in the spring session.

Natasha Hewson

The Student of the Year is the student who has won the Student of the Week award the most times throughout the year. To win the Student of the Week award a player needs to better their own understanding or ability inside a week. Student are not judges against each other but rather against their own past performances. Each week results are posted on Facebook so student's can see how they're doing and why the award was deserved.


Natasha Hewson plays flute at a Grade 7 standard and this year that has opened door into a whole new world of material for her to try out. Each piece she has been presented with has seemed daunting at first, but, without fail she has taken a calm and measured approach to her practise and conquered each one. This has led to improvements in instrument handling and musicality that even she wasn’t expecting. It will an exciting 2017 for Natasha.

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