Date Name Instrument
20/02/21 Sofia Wood Piano
13/02/21 Bill Hall Piano
06/02/21 Briony Lewis Clarinet
30/01/21 Alice Jones Flute
23/01/21 Max Jones Piano
16/01/21 Olivia Bentley Flute
09/01/21 Eleanor Turner Piano



As we move through the month that manages to be both the longest and the shortest of the year we want to wish all our students well and hope that you aren't going too crazy with online schooling. This lockdown seems to have hit many people the hardest so I encourgae you all to use your music lessons as a break away from the usual lockdown pressures. If that means starting a new piece or stepping away from your exam pieces for a while then that's what we'll do to keep music fun.


MTB Syllabus Update


As of 31st of March MTB will be updateing the woodwind syllabus. For most, this will mean just a change to the scales, reading section and the duet piece. In the case of the read scales we have good news, the list isn't changing, just becoming shorter. After March 31st we will need to change over so everyone looking to sit and MTB exam soon will need to decide if they want to sit before this date or not.


Welcome 2021!


We are all hoping for big things after 2020 but for now things will remain in the 'new normal'


Online lesson restart as of Monday 4th January.


School lessons will vary so please do get in contact if you are not sure.

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