This week was exam week. The Andover exams are held is St. Mary’s church and can be a little daunting for first time entrants. However, as usual, the staff were very welcoming and the examiner did his best to put people at ease. Now that it’s all over and done with all we can do it wait for the results.


Student of the Week


Hannah has been rackling one of the hardest things for a beginner Clarinettist this week: the break. But, for the first time she has managed to consistently get the illusive B. Well done Hannah.




Only one week until exams and it looks as though everything will be ready in time. Those entering next week are practicing hard and all that hard work is about to pay off.


Student of the Week


Phoebe Matten has put in an exceptional amount of work this week on Morning Has Broken, and that’s not including the work she’s done on the three pieces she’s preparing for the Winter Wonderland.




Student of the Week


Megan Robinson took it upon herself to learn the flute introduction to Titanic. That’s very good going for a student who has not yet begun the middle register on her flute!




Student of the Week


Emily Grace is preparing for her Grade 1 Flute and, like a lot of students, has been struggling with scales and arpeggios. Not this week though. This week she has cracked it. Well done Emily.




The first week back after half term is always interesting. Some students have a break, some practice and then one or two use the time to really work on the music.


Student of the Week


Besides learning her scales and working on three pieces for her Grade 5 flute next spring, this week Rebecca Ledwidge has taken it upon herself to start three pieces for the Winter Wonderland. That’s a lot of flute playing!




Its half term week next week so there are more options for people to switch lessons around this week. If you have a family day out planned or would just like an earlier start to you lesson, get in touch.


Student of the Week


Ian Burnham will confess that it takes him weeks to get to grips with a new piece of music; but not this week. The improvement from last week to this has been remarkable. Good work Ian.




If you’re out in Andover today make sure to stop in at ASDA where Jo is playing the sax to raise money for Tickled Pink: Breast Cancer Awareness.  She’ll be playing an entire range of songs including jazz favourites and movie themes, all in the name of cancer research.


Student of the Week


Sheila Walsh had a surprise in store this week when she asked about playing the piano 4 hands version of March Militaire which she has been looking at all week. Hopefully that will be a real treat at the Winter Wonderland.




Storm Dynamics has been busier than ever these past few weeks. We’ve had a few things in the pipeline and now we can announce them!


At the Winter Wonderland we will be giving away four brand new awards to our students:

  •       Student of the Year – For the student who has won the Student of the Week competition the most times throughout the year.
  •       The Most Improved Player – For the student who has demonstrated continual improvement throughout the year and now has a significant increase in their musical ability since they began lessons.
  •       The Rising Star Award – For the most improved beginner. We are classing a beginner as someone who has not entered for a graded examination in the past or since joining Storm Dynamics.
  •       The Lightning Award – For outstanding examination mark attainment.


Those who attended the Summer Cyclone will know that we gave away a personalised certificate to each of our performers and this time we wanted to build on that. Each of these categories is still open, so good lock to everyone.


The other big new we have is the Christmas Quiz. This is free to enter and the winner will receive £25 in amazon.co.uk vouchers. Be warned students, this quiz is open to the general public. We’d like to encourage entries from anyone of any age (only one per person please.) The highest scoring entry will be announced at the Winter Wonderland and in the event of a tie all high scoring entries will be entered into a random draw.



Student of the Week


Malcolm Amor was given a challenge this week. He asked for a jazzy Christmas Carol for the Wonderland Concert then proceeded to sight read it exceptionally well. Though we still have a few bars to work on he managed, in the lesson, to play the new piece with the backing track. This is not an easy feat for a piece of music you’ve only just seen. Well done Malcolm.




This weekend the ABRSM is holding its annual conference at the Mermaid Centre in London. The conference is a chance for music teachers up and down the country to get to together, attend lectures and exchange ideas. The conference is an intense day with up to five lectures, plus side panels and guest spots from some of the leading companies.


The ABRSM were keen to show off their two new IPad/IPhone apps Speedshifter and Aural Trainer.


Speed shifter works through your ITunes to playback any piece which you are learning. The app then allows you to slow down the music to a speed that suits you. It is a fantastic practice aid and really user friendly.


Aural Trainer is available for Grades 1-5 and is a handy tool for use in between your lessons. Each of the segments is designed to aid you in preparing for the Aural part of Graded examinations. The tests themselves are very versatile; however, some people will find the interface tricky the first time.


Student of the Week


Noni Davis is on a roll. After her break through a fortnight ago she is now working out new chords for her left hand. But, rather than stop there, she also implemented this into her current piece. This spells good things for her keyboard playing future.




It has been a big week here. We finally have all the details in place for the Winter Wonderland Concert. You can click here for all the details. So far the response has been overwhelming and students are already trying to decide what to play. We also have two students entered for examinations this winter. Laura Wilson will be taking her Grade 1 Keyboard and Robyn Grace her Grade 1 flute. Good luck girls!


Student of the Week


Alyssa Smith is our student of the week. She has had an exceptionally good week and has made great progress with two of her grade 4 examination pieces.




Student of the Week


Noni Davis plays the keyboard from memory rather sheet music, but that hasn’t stopped her taking an interest and learning the basics of how to read music. This week Noni answered every music theory question correctly. She took the knowledge she had an applied it to work out the answers to new musical idea that have cropped up in her current piece.




Student of the Week


Rather than have a week off Aaron Austin decided to use the week the school was closed to really concentrate on his arch nemesis: sight reading. Although there is still a long way to go the improvement this week has been tremendous.








Just a reminder to all students that next week the music school will be closed.


Student of the Week


Kah Wei Lo has had a lot of new techniques to learn now that she is looking at her Grade 7 piano pieces. This week she has managed to get to grips with both ornaments and a new style of pedalling, both of which require extreme concentration and coordination. Great effort.




Student of the Week


Last week Rebecca Ledwidge was given her new Grade 4 book. This week she has played through each piece and decided on which three she will be doing and begun to learn each piece. What a fantastic start!




Student of the Week


Aaron Austin had a hard decision to make this week; should he take his Grade 2 this winter or next spring? After deciding on next spring he then went on to lay out how he plans to practice between now than then in order to get the most out of the time. That kind of forethought is definitely deserving of the Student of the Week award.




Lesson times are only available during the evening for the next two weeks as tutor Jo Carr has Jury Service. Your patience and cooperation over the next two weeks is greatly appreciated.


Student of the Week


Malcolm Amor has been doing his research this week and has gone out and found a number of pieces he really wants to learn. When he discovered that the music was harder than anticipated he dove right in instead of shying away. Well done Malcolm.




Student of the Week


Laura Wilson has, this week, been putting her pieces for the Grade1 one exam together with the rhythm unit and she has done exceptionally well.




Student of the Week


Alyssa Smith started the lesson by apologising for not getting much time to practice; she then vowed to make up for it with an exceptional lesson which she delivered. Well done Alyssa.




Storm Dynamics is moving out of Goodworth Clatford and into Andover town itself. This won’t affect students directly but please be sure to get our new address on your next lesson.


Student of the Week


Phoebe Matten is our winner this week. As a new student Phoebe has had to get used to a whole new style of teaching. This week though, she really got things together and did some fantastic practice followed by a great lesson.




It has been an exceptional day for Storm Dynamics as today we hosted our first ever concert. Please go to the Summer Cyclone page for a full review of the day.


We’re also pleased to announce the results of the summer exam session.

Aaron Austen: Grade 1 Piano – Distinction.

Rebecca Ledwidge: Grade 3 Flute – Merit.

Jeanette Lewis: Grade 1 Flute – Merit.

Alyssa Smith: Grade 2 Music Theory – Pass.


Student of the Week


It has been such an amazing day that it was virtually impossible to single out one student for the award this week. So, we decided to nominate the Student who got the entire audience talking: Hannah Ledwidge.




Student of the Week



Rebecca took her Grade 3 flute last well and has already prepared three new pieces ready for the Summer Cyclone Concert. Outstanding effort!




The ABRSM Summer Exam Session was in full swing this week. Last Tuesday students headed over to St Mary’s Church in Andover to put all their hard work to the test. As per usual it is difficult for the students to know how well they’ve done as nerves tend to cloud things. However, each student as put in hours of practice, time and effort. Now to wait to find out the results.


Student of the Week


Jeanette Lewis has only a few weeks to go before her grade one. After a long trip abroad she has had a lot of practice time to make up for but her determination has shown through this week




ABRSM Music Theory exams take place today. Alyssa Smith is our only entrant this time around and she is taking her Grade 2, please join is in wishing her luck.


Student of the Week


Laura Wilson has a hard task ahead of her with her grade one but she’s off to a great start this week by memorising all her scales/




Noni Davis has taken her keyboard playing to a whole new level this week by adding a free-style melody over her chord progression. Hopefully we’ll get to hear the final result at the Summer Cyclone.




Tutor Jo Carr was struck by the mystery illness that has been going around this week. Apologies to everyone who missed a lesson this week, everything will be back to normal by next week.


Student of the Week


Charlotte Scott is our winner this week for above average concentration during lesson time.




Student of the Week


Hannah Ledwidge has been working exceptionally hard on covering all the holes on her clarinet. This week she managed an entire lesson without squeaking. An impressive feat for a young beginner clarinettist!




Student of the Week


Tom Watts is awarded this week for completing his first Grade 1 piano piece with both hands together.




Student of the Week


Ian Burnham wins this week. Ian struggles with note reading but this week things have clicked into place. Well done Ian.






We’re now taking application for the ABRSM Summer exam session. I’ll be talking to each of you who’ve expressed an interest in taking a Graded examination this summer.


Student of the Week


Malcolm Amor wins student of the week. Malcolm is an exceptional student who consistently maintains a high practice rate. This week, however, he managed to complete two pieces, earning him the award.




More than half our students have already confirmed for the concert and it seems most of them will be bringing cake. We'd also like to say a big thank you to Howard Corbett and Scott Armstrong who have agreed to do all the heavy lifting to get the piano to the venue.


Student of the Week


Aaron Austen is a well-deserved winner of the award this week. His Grade One Piano exam might be weeks away but you wouldn't know it from the amount of work he's been consistently putting in.




We can confirm the Wolversdene Club in Andover as the venue for our Summer Cyclone concert. There aren't enough nice things to say about this venue, it's a wonderful place to host our first concert.


Student of the Week


This week we would like to applaud Kah Wei Lo who, despite not getting the result she was hoping for in her Grade6 piano exam has decided to press onwards. She hasn't let this small setback affect her attitude towards her music at all.




Things are still quiet at Storm Dynamics with many students away for Easter. That hasn't stopped the rest of us from working hard, however. Students have their eyes on the summer and the upcoming ABRSM examination season and across the board everyone has been working hard. This has made choosing a Student of the Week particularly difficult this week.


As we said last week Jo's band Draegon debuted material from their upcoming album. The night was a huge success and the band can look forward to many gigs in the near future. For photos of the night and all the latest new please visit:



Student of the Week


This week's Student of the Week is Hannah Ledwidge. Hannah has been learning clarinet for just over a month now and is developing a really clear tone with all her dedicated practice. That's really saying something for a girl who is only just bigger than her instrument!




We hope everyone has had a relaxing Easter holiday (though for some lucky people it isn't over yet!) Storm Dynamics has been very quiet this week and with one noticeable exception we expect it will be next week as well. The exception being that this evening the band Jo plays keyboards for will be out debuting material from their upcoming album.


Student of the Week


This week we commend Charlotte Scott. She is Storm Dynamics youngest student, having just turned six, and has begun recorder lessons. This week Charlotte managed to read a new piece of music without any aids or prompts at all. Well done Charlotte!




I can't believe it's been a week since the ISM Student Playday. The entire day was a resounding success, we got to hear a real variety of music and all three of the Storm Dynamics musicians performed really well (once we'd found a piano stool low enough for Aaron!) I can't recommend the event highly enough and we're all looking forward to the next one later in the year.


Kah Wei Lo has taken her Grade 6 piano exam this week. We have everything crossed or her. Fortunately Andover is usually at the end of the exam season so she shouldn't have too long to wait for her results.


The website is undergoing some renovations at the moment.  All thoughts are welcome, just get in touch.


Student of the Week


Rebecca Ledwidge is being awarded the prize this week. Not only was the ISM Playday her first concert outside of school but she was very under the weather for the entire thing. That didn't stop her from pulling off a masterful performance, however.




It’s the ISM Student Playday! In just a few hours Storm Dynamics students will be taking to the stage to perform pieces for their upcoming examinations or showcasing music simply love to play. We’re looking forward to meeting students and teachers from all over Hampshire and Wiltshire and hearing the wide range of music on offer.  Sheila, Aaron and Rebecca have all had amazing weeks getting ready for this concert and will be getting a special award for representing Storm Dynamics in our first ever concert venture.

Student of the Week

Our student of the week is Olivia Leonard. Olivia has only been with us for three weeks and has had a tough time as she was asked to completely changer her technique. This week, however, she has cracked it and she also finished her first flute book. Well done Olivia, there are plenty of good thing to come for you.





It’s been one of ‘those’ weeks for many of our students. I think perhaps that the one day of sunshine threw us all. Despite a lot of good intentions many students had difficulty finding the time for effective practice and found themselves disappointed that they hadn’t achieved more. That doesn’t mean we haven’t had successes, though, but it has been a reminder that going forwards by only one or two bars is better than going backwards.


Student of the Week


Alyssa Satchel Smith is this week’s winner. Alyssa has both theory and flute lessons and this week managed to get 100% in her theory homework and accurately learn Hakuna Matata. She’s now chosen a new piece and managed to sight read the majority of it in her lesson time. Well done Alyssa!





Entries are in for the ISM Student Playday taking place in Swindon this month. Sheila Walsh, Aaron Austin and Rebecca Sedgwick are all going along and we’re all looking forward to an afternoon of good music.


Student of the Week


Tom Watts is our Student of the Week. Usually over half term the younger student s forget all about music and then begin again once school has restarted. Tom, however, decided to spend his half term writing his very first piece of music. Well done Tom, I look forward to hearing what you write next.






The ISM has announced the date of their next Student Play day which is to be held in The Drawing Room, Pinewood School, Bourton, Swindon on March 16th. Students have the chance to play one or two short pieces of music in front of like-minded people; it really is a great opportunity to find out what it feels like to ‘play live’ but in a safe environment. Any student interested in playing should get in contact a.s.a.p. as the cutoff date will be the 1st of March.


Student of the Week


Laura Wilson wins the first student of the week award as not only had she managed some really successful practice for her keyboard lesson she learnt the entire melody for one of her Grade 1 pieces in a single lesson. Well done Laura!


Introducing the Storm Dynamics Student of the Week award.


 Storm Dynamics strives to be more than just a music school and so we have come up with a new initiative for rewarding students who put in just that little bit more.

Each week your teacher can tell, just from listening to you, how much practice you have been able to put in, even if you have one of “those weeks” where it all goes to pot in the lesson. Our Student of the Week award is designed to congratulate those students who have given it the proverbial 110%


However, we also appreciate that some weeks you just don’t get time to practice as much as you’d like. If that happens be honest with your teacher, you could end up having a brilliant lesson and could still win the award.


Each week the Student of the Week will be announced on our news page and on our Facebook page. The student who wins the award the most times throughout the year will win a prize at Christmas!




A big thank you to all students who were able to rearrange their lessons to accommodate Jo's injury. She now has the all clear to begin driving again so lessons can go back to normal.



Things are off to a flying start in the New Year. Students are already thinking about the spring exam period. Also watch this space for ISM payday dates.



Merry Christmas everyone! Looking forward to seeing you all in the New Year.


17.12.2012 Winter Exam Results Through

Well done to Rebecca for getting a merit for her grade 2 flute exams and well done to Paul for getting a merit for his grade 3 piano.


17.11.2012 ABRSM Conference London

Jo will be at the ABRSM conference in London this weekend.  The conference covers the new ABRSM piano syllabus as well as all the latest in teaching practices.


09.08.2012 Time to enter for Winter Exams

Everyone has been having a great time this summer but that doesn't mean some of our students aren’t busy getting ready for the next round of exams. Entries are now open for the November examinations and close on 21 September.


05.06.2012 ABRSM Exam results back

We are really pleased with the exam results we received his term, Special mention goes to Alyssa who achieved a pass with her grade 3 flute and a Distinction for Music Theory Grade One.


09.06.2012 new website online

You can now find out everything you need to know about Storm Dynamics Music School on the web. Thank you for visiting our website!  It shall be launched in its full glory soon!!!



You will find regular updates concerning latest news from lessons and special events here.

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