November 2015


This month Lead Tutor Jo has been working ona very special project with her Rock'n'Roll and The Bird Dogs and the Royal British Legion to create a song to help raise funds for the Poppy Appeal. The band's lead singer Mike Venner has been given access to the archieve of war photos which he has spent many hour turining into high definition shots which wil accompany the song. Poppy Pride, performed and written by the band, will be released the week before Remembrance Sunday. If the video moves you in any way then please head to www.justgiving.com/poppypridedvd to donate to the Poppy Appeal.

Winter Wonderland Concert 2015

Entry for the 2015 Winder Wonderland Concert will begin at the end of this month. Full details can be found on our Concert Sereis page or on Facebook.


The Winter Session for ABRSM exams also takes place this month. Good luck to all those who have entered. If you would like to enter an exam in the Spring 2016 session the closing date is Jan 11th.


Student of the Week


07/11/15 - Natasha Hewson

14/11/15 - Keira Spear

21/11/15 -

28/11/15 - 

October 2015


Our first publication is available in your lessons: The Storm Dynamics Practice Diary.


There is much debate amongst music teachers as to the usefulness of a practice diary, but here at Storm Dynamics we believe it is a vital aid to successful practice. There can be no mistaking what you’ve been asked to do if it’s been written clearly in one place and, should you have trouble, you have a dedicated space to make a note of it so you can be sure to get an answer on your next lesson.


For those having lessons inside of school if you meet your minimum practice requirements and get you book signed by your parents you will receive a sticker. Whoever has the most stickers at Christmas will get a special prize – think of it as a mini Student of the Year Award inside your school.


Student of the Week


03/10/15 – Luca Zanchi

10/10/15 – Hannah Ledwidge

17/10/15 – Closed

24/10/15 – Bill Hall

31/10/15 – Elanor Shaw

September 2015


It’s a big month for us here as we welcome three new schools to Storm Dynamics. Joining Hatherden Primary and St Mary Bourne Primary will be Collingbourne Primary, Burbage Primary and Easton Royal Academy. Following the unfortunate closure of the Wiltshire Music Service we were pleased to be able to step in so that lessons in these schools could continue. Hopefully you’ll see many of their students at the Winter Wonderland.


Student of the Week


05/09/15 – Closed

12/09/15 – Amy Henry

19/09/15 – Sam Spooner

26/09/15 – Sophie Henry


Pictures from the Goodworth Clatford Village Show

Right to left - Jo Carr, Natasha Hewson, Sandy Ledwidge - Rebecca Ledwidge
Russell Nash, concert compeer challenges a show-goer to win some chocolate.

August 2015


Things have calm down now as most of our students head off for their sunny holidays. For those still around, though, lessons carry on as normal.


At the end of the month we have the Goodworth Clatford Village Show. This is the first time that Storm Dynamics has run its own stall at a show so we’re going to stick to what we do best – playing music. We’ll be raising funds for the local church with our busking and you’ll also have a chance to win lots of chocolate with our Choccy Challenge.


Student of the Week


01/08/15 – Francesca Martindale

08/08/15 – Sam Spooner

1/5/08/15 – Paul West

22/05/15 – Sandy Ledwidge

29/08/15 – Aaron Austen

July 2015


This month we say goodbye to many students for the summer holidays, but for those continuing on there are many things to look forward to, top of the list being the Goodworth Clatford Village Show where you can come and busk in the sun and possibly win heaps of chocolate too. Storm Dynamics will have a stall this year and any student who comes to play will get 2 free goes and the chocolate throw. The object is easy: land a 2p coin on a chocolate bar and its yours to keep. But, it’s definitely not that easy to do. Join the Facebook event here.


We’d also like to bid a warm goodbye to the students and staff at Hatherden Primary and St Mary Bourne Primary. Can’t wait to see you all again in the autumn.


The results are in!



Harry Coleman – Grade 1 Piano – Merit

Rebecca Ledwidge – Grade 2 Eb Saxophone – Distinction

Sandy Ledwidge – Grade 2 Flute – Distinction


Prep Test

Josie Bevan – Flute

Charlotte Scott – Flute

Amy Henry – Piano

Lucy Hide – Piano

Francesca Martindale – Piano



Sandy Ledwidge – Grade 2 – Distinction

Rebecca Ledwidge – Grade 2 – Distinction



Student of the Week


04/07/2015 – Sandy Ledwidge

11/07/2015 – Robyn Grace

18/07/2015 – Lucy Hide

25/07/2015 – Sophie Henry


June 2015


The biggest news of the month is the smash hit success of the Pick Your Own Concert, held on the 13th June at the Goodworth Clatford Village club; for a full write up of the day head over to the concerts page. If you’d like any of the photos on the home screen just drop us an email and we’ll send you the full, large version which you’ll be able to print or use as you like. Once again, huge thanks to Ian Burnham for doing such a wonderful job.


The Winter Wonderland will be on Saturday 12th December at the Goodworth Clatford Village Club and it’s set to be the biggest yet. We’ve already got the confetti cannons on standby!


This June sees Storm Dynamics entering a record number of pupils for ABRSM examinations and, as a bonus, all the exams were on the same day!


Wednesday 17th probably saw more nerves than all our concerts put together as students entered flute, piano and saxophone examinations. In a first for us we also had entries for the ABRSM prep test. If you’re not sure whether exams are for you (and they’re really not for everyone) then a Prep Test is a good way to start. It runs exactly the same as an exam but, you can’t fail it. At the end you’re guaranteed a certificate and a write up on all your strengths and areas of improvement as a musician.


As a bonus for everyone our examiner Mr. Roxburgh went the extra mile to put everyone at ease and really enjoy the day.


Student of the Week


06/06/2015 – Sam Spooner

13/06/2015 – Rebecca Ledwidge

20/06/2015 – Phoebe Matten

27/06/2015 – Cara Zanchi

May 2015


Our first charity event of the eyar has been a great success with £186:00 raised fro Breast Cancer Awareness. We had expected to be raising money for the refurbishment of Dene Court, however, our hosts Asda asked last minute is we wouldn't mind switching back to their Tickled Pink - Breast Cancer Awareness campaign, seeing as we have made such a success of it in the past.

April 2015


Congratualtions to:

Sandy Ledwidge - Distinction - Theory of Music Grace 2

Rebecca Ledwidge - Distinction - Theory of Music Grade 2

Phoebe Matten - Pass - Flute Grade 1

Aaron Austen - Pass - Piano Grade 3

Unbelieveable though it may be you only have until the end of the month to decide upon summer exams. The closing date is May1st.


Keep on eye for details of the upsoming summer concert. We expect this one to take place before the summer exams so it will be a goreat chance for everyone to showcase their piece in front of a live audience and get some constructive feedback.


Student of the Week


04/04/15 - Aaron Austen

11/04/15 - Rebecca Ledwidge

18/04/15 - Robyn Grace

25/04/15 - Sam Spooner

March 2015


Looks like we'll be having a busy month. 25th March is the date for ABRSM exams. The venue is still St Mary's Church in Andover. Remember, should the worst happen and you are unable to make your exam the ABRSM do not refund you without a doctors certificate. However, you can move the exam time and venue at no charge at all. 


Keep an eye on our Facebook page for articles on how to improve your practice routine and other interesting titbits sourced from round the net.


Student of the Week


07/03/15 - Robyn Grace

14/03/15 - Lucy Hide

21/03/15 - Phoebe Matten

28/03/15 - Francesca Martindale

February 2015


Entry is open for the Spring session ABRSM examinations. We know that the date of the Music Theory exam will be Wednesday 4th March. Make sure to get your name on the list if you're interested in sitting an exam. There's nothing worse than just missing a deadline.


Congratulations to the Woodwind Belles who have their first website up and running. You can find it here.

If you'd like to become a Belle or are interested in setting up another form of woodwind group don;t sit in slience! Make yourself knwon and let's see what we can get going.


Student of the Week


07/02/15 - Megan Robinson

14/02/15 - Hannah Ledwidge

21/02/15 - CJ Fabrigaras

28/02/15 - Rebecca Ledwidge

January 2015


We'd like to wish a warm welcome back to all students after a very cold Christmas. For those looking at the March exam period please keep an eye on our facebook page as we will announce there when entry opens and closes.


Our first charity event this year will be on May 2nd at Asda in Andover. Asda are raising money for the refurbishment of Dene Court, a local half-way house. Any student who would like to come and join in the busking is most welcome all you need to do is arrive at Asda in 10am. You don't have to have prepared hours of music, if you only want to play one piece then thats still one more song to help us raise money for the refurbishment.


Student of the Week


10/01/2015 - Phoebe Matten

17/01/2015 - Sandy Ledwidge

21/02/2015 - CJ Fabrigaras

31/01/2015 - Noni Davis


Finally a big thank you to everyone who took part in our Practicathon to raise money for Clic Sargent. Not only did you all raise money for a brilliant cause but all the extra practice means that the Winter Wondeland last year was an amazing event.

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