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August 2016

On Bank Holdiay Monday (29th August) we were at the Goodworth Clatford VIllege Fete. Nieve, Charlotte, Paul and Bill (pictured above) put on fantastic performances on a multitude of instruments and kept the music going all afternoon.

Exam results are back for the Summer Session:


Aaron Austen – Piano Grade 4 – Pass

Amy Henry – Piano Grade 1 – Pass

Francesca Martindale – Piano Grade 1 - Pass

Pollyanna Jones – Flute Grade 3 – Pass

Rebecca Ledwidge – Flute Grade 6 – Merit

Ben Thompson – Flute Grade 1 -Pass

Bea Vivian – Alto Saxophone Grade 1 – Pass


Piano Prep Test:


Elliot Day

Theo Burgess-Cross

Sophie Henry

Ruby Reid

July 2016


Storm Dynamics will remain closed for July whilst Jo continues to recover from her operation. She would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has sent flowers, our house looks like a florist shop window, it’s simply spectacular.

Jo will start teaching again during August, limiting lessons to one or two per day to begin with. If you would like a lesson in this time, please do get in touch.

Student of the Week will be suspended until September. The leader board currently looks like this:

1)      Francesca Martindale – 4 wins

2)      Nieve McFarlaine and Polly Jones – 3 wins

3)      Natasha Hewson and Rebecca Ledwidge – 2 wins



The day after the exams we are sad to report that Jo was taken into hospital with suspected appendicitis. The operation is a success and she has been discharged.

Storm Dynamics will remain closed for at least the next two weeks whilst she recovers.


June 2016

It has been a hectic month for all concerned. Huge congratulations to all the students sitting exams, you all did a wonderful job.

Russell and Jo’s wedding was fantastic. We were blessed with great weather and everyone had fun from the bubble parade to the wedding music of choice: Thunderbirds (the 60’s tv theme, obviously.)

Only two days after their honeymoon was the exam day and we wait eagerly for the results.

Student of the Week

04/06/16 – Amy Henry

11/06/16 – Thomas Milton


May 2016

We have 11 entries for the ABRSM summer session. If you’re thinking of entering an examination, then please take into consideration that Jo will be unavailable from the 8th June until 18th June. As is normal, we will not know the exact date for the exams until approximately the week of May 18th. Should it be required we will attempt to find a stand in accompanist. Extra lesson will be available on the run up to Jo and Russell’s wedding and once they return.

Student of the Week

07/05/16 – Sian Taylor

14/05/16 – Natasha Hewson

21/05/16 – Polly Jones

28/05/16 – Lucy Hide


April 2016

Results for the ABRSM Spring Session:

Rebecca Ledwidge – Theory of Music Grade 5 – Pass

Sandy Ledwidge – Theory of Music Grade 5 – Distinction

Sandy Ledwidge – Flute Grade 4 – Merit

Josie Bevan – Flute Grade 1 – Pass

Charlotte Scott – Flute Grade 1 – Merit

Charlotte Raworth – Clarinet Grade 1 – Pass

Nieve McFarlaine – Clarinet Grade 4 – Pass

Thomas Milton – Descant Recorder Grace 2 – Merit


It was a tense month for those listed above but we had a string of well-deserved results. Not everyone was content to sit back and relax after the exams, however. Nieve McFarlaine put together her own 30-minute concert programme and played her clarinet with full orchestral backing at the Burbage Day Centre Luncheon.


Student of the Week


02/04/16 – Rebecca Ledwidge

09/04/016 – Nieve McFarlaine

16/04/16 – Polly Jones

23/04/16 – Sam Spooner

30/04/16 – Francesca Martindale


March 2016

It’s exam month and we have students sitting both practical and theory of music exams. For Rebecca and Sandy Ledwidge it’s the ‘Big One’ as both are sitting their music theory grade 5 papers. Should they pass these exams they will be able to go on to take ABRSM grades 6-8 in any instrument – also known as the professional grades. For anyone looking to advance through the practical grade system passing this paper is a must.

Also this month was the recording of Snake Charmer by the Burbage Primary School Recorder Group. Initially the students were bewildered by the amazing array of recording equipment that had been set up in their school hall, but they soon settled down and managed their best performance yet.

Student of the Week

05/03/16 - Francesca Martindale

12/03/16 – Nieve McFarlane

19/03/16 – Francesca Martindale

26/03/16 – Polly Jones


February 2016

Traditionally a quiet month for us, goals are set and now the weekly work has begun. The St Mary Bourne school orchestra have their new music and are looking to follow on from the success of their first winter concert with Jo conducting. Burbage Primary have announced that they plan to make a school music cd featuring the many talented students at their school. Jo will be taking the Year 2 recorder group through one of their songs but as yet the group haven’t chosen which they’d like to do.

Student of the Week

06/02/16 – Aaron Austen

13/02/16 – Ethan Riley

20/02/16 – Sophie Henry

27/02/16 – Nieve McFarlaine


January 2016

January usually starts off cold and dreary start but for us we like to think of it as a time to make achievable music resolutions and have a fresh start. For some of our students the road to ABRSM exams in March seems to have gotten suddenly shorter, whilst for others the idea of getting back to school after the winter break is all too much. For Storm Dynamics, however, it will be a year of changes and firsts; not in the least because Jo and Russell will be getting married in June.

Student of the Week

16/01/16 – Francesca Martindale

23/01/16 – Natasha Hewson

30/01/16 – Rebecca Ledwidge

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