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January 2017


A warm welcome back to all our students for 2017. Last year we went out with a bang with students playing in school concerts, regional orchestras, bands and, of course, our own Winter Wonderland. All the pictures from the Winter Wonderland can be found on our home page and if you would like the full-sized photo please get in touch and we will get send it out to you.


For those wanting to take exams, the spring session will run from 6 March to 8 April and we are asking for all entries to be confirmed by Tuesday 17 January at the latest. For details on pricing please visit the official ABRSM website. Should you require an accompanist please inform your teacher as thee will be an additional accompaniment fee.


The Student of the Week counter has been reset to zero and a winner will be announced on Facebook every weekend between now and the next Winter Wonderland concert. You can also check back here at the end of each month where the winners will be listed.

Student of the Week

14/01/17 – Nieve McFarlane

21/01/17 – Olivia Beard

28/01/17 – Angus Mills


February 2017


This month we were very proud to have an entrant into the Andover Young Musician of the Year competition. Rebecca Ledwidge was asked to represent her school Test Valley Secondary in the classical section and she played an enchanting piece by Schuman. We are very proud of Rebecca for achieving second place despite being a good 2 years younger than every other competitor.


Student of the Week

04/02/17 – Rebecca Ledwidge

11/02/17 – Amy Henry

18/02/17 – Lucy Hide

25/02/17 – Sam Spooner

March 2017


The first exam session of the year seems to have com round very quickly. On March 23rd the following students will be sitting exams: Paul West, Jemima Groves, Thea Milton, Thomas Milton, Hannah Ledwidge and Nieve McFarlane.


Student of the Year Natasha Hewson is currently preparing for the Andover Rocks festival. On April 1st she will be playing in the Time Ring in the town centre as part of the biggest music festival in Andover.


Student of the Week

04/03/17 – Francesca Martindale and Angus Mills

11/03/17 – Natasha Hewson

18/03/17 – Nieve McFarlane

25/03/17 – Hannah Ledwidge

Hannah Ledwidge with her Prep Test certificate

April 2017


The Andover Rocks festival was a huge success and raised £3325.00 for local charities. Natasha Hewson played an amazing set despite the rain in the centre of town, The Woodwind Belles played a small set in the Methodist church and teacher Jo Nash got involved in the jazz mash at the Wolversdene Club.


Congratulations to all those who took exams last month.

Nieve McFarlane – G5 Clarinet – Pass

Thomas Milton – G3 Clarinet –Merit

Paul West – G2 Alto Sax -Pass

Thea Milton – G2 Descant Recorder – Merit

Olivia Smith – G1 Clarinet – Pass

Jemima Groves – G1 Descant Recorder – Pass

Paul West – G4 Descant Recorder - Merit

Hannah Ledwidge can be seen above with her certificate for her Piano Prep Test


Student of the Week

01/04/17 – Grace Thresher

08/04/17 – Max Jones

15/04/17 – Aaron Austen

22/04/17 – Bill Hall

29/04/17 – Polly Jones

May 2017


The date and venue for the Summer Concert have been confirmed. We will be at Abbotts Anne War Memorial Hall on Saturday 24th June. There has been a Facebook group set up with full details. If your child has lessons at their school then you will receive entrance forms in the next few weeks.


The final date for entry into the summer exam session is May 12th so please make sure you have everything ready before this date.


Student of the Week

06/05/17 – Eleanor Turner

13/05/17 – Sian Taylor

20/05/17 – Rebecca Ledwidge

27/05/17 – Nieve McFarlane

June 2017


We have a record entry for exams this time with 17 entries. The exam date is 21st June and we will post results as soon as we have them.


Photos from the Summer Concert can be seen on our home page. We had some truly memorable performances this time – not in the least was With Life, performed by Rebecca Ledwidge and acted out by Thomas Milton, Angus Mills and Scott Shortland. A big thank you to the team who helped put this show together and a special thank you to Mr Peckham and Mr McFarlane who piled into the kitchen to help with the tea and coffee when the urn broke down.


Student of the Week

03/06/17 – Aaron Austen

10/06/17 – Olivia Smith

17/06/17 – Izzy Lovern

24/06/17 – All Students in the Summer Concert

July 2017


Here are the results for the summer exam session.

Peter Thomson - Recorder Grade 1 - Merit
Toby Taverner - Recorder Grade 1 - Merit
Sandy Ledwidge - Piano Grade 1 – Distinction

Sandy Ledwidge – Flute Grade 6 – Merit

Rebecca Ledwidge – Flute Grade 7 – Pass

Sian Taylor – Flute Grade 1 – Merit

Ben Thomson – Flute Grade 2 – Pass

Polly Jones – Flute Grade 3 – Pass

Josie Bevan – Flute Grade 2 – Pass

Izzy Lovern – Alto Sax Grade 1 – Pass

Zeilie Rowland – Clarinet Grade 1 – Pass

Below are photos of the four stuent who took their Prep Tests


Burbage Primary School has their recorder concert on 14th July. The group of 16 pupils in year 2 played three pieces complete with singing and dancing for their parents. For most it was the first time they had even played their recorder in public and they all seemed to really enjoy it.


Saint Mary Bourne Primary are hosting their first summer music concert in years. Not ones to start small we had 30 performers and the school orchestra performed three pieces. Parents were provided with popcorn and drinks and all thoroughly enjoyed a morning of music.


Student of the Week

01/07/17 – Sian Taylor

08/07/17 - Angus Mills

15/07/17 – Sam Spooner

22/07/17 – Max Jones

29/07/17 – Sophie Henry

Tom Bentley - Clarinet Prep Test
Patsy Peckham - Clarinet Prep Test
Max Jones - Piano Prep Test
Angus Mills - Piano Prep Test

August 2017


Storm Dynamics does not close down over the summer but we do scale back considerable and enjoy some time off. If you would like a lesson please get in contact and I’m sure we will be able to schedule something in.


Student of the Week

05/08/17 – Amy Henry

12/08/17 – Bill Hall

19/08/17  - Eleanor Turner 

26/08/17 - Natasha Hewson 

September 2017


We don't want to jinx it but so far September has been rather mild - lets hope it continues. It's the start of a new school year and this year has a record number of our students making the change from Primary to Secondary schools. Whilst some look forward to the challenge, other are filled with nerves and we wish them all the best of luck.


This year Storm Dynamics will be running a series of First Access Clarinet and Recorder lessons at Zouch Primary school in Tidworth. Every pupils from yesr 3 upwards should get the chance of learning an instrument and it's great to see a school putting the effort into keeping music alive amidst a swathe of government funding cuts. 


Student of the Week


02/09/17 - Aaron Austen

09/09/17 - Francesca Martindale

16/09/17 - Sian Taylor

23/09/17 - Ben Bendig

30/09/17 - Max Jones

October 2017


It's that time of year again where we start planning Winter Concerts, both inside school and our own Winter Wonderland. Information on that will be going up on Facebook from the start of November but the date for your diary is Saturday 16th December.


We're looking forward to a smaller exam session this time with only 4 students so far confirmed as taking exams. If you want to then please make yourself known during your lessons.


Storm Dynamics will be closed for the half term holidays as we take our well deserved yearly break (21/10/17 - 29/10/17.) Lessons will begin again as usual on the 30th of October.


Student of the Week


07/10/17 - Alice Baxter

14/10/17 - Alice Baxter

21/10/17 - Pip Jones

28/10/17 - Closed

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