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Student of the Week

Date Name Instrument
16/11/19 Amy Henry Piano
09/11/19 Tom Bentley Clarinet
02/11/19 School Closed -
26/10/19 Eleanor Turner Piano
19/10/19 Maz Jones Piano
12/10/19 Freddy Reichart Piano
05/10/19 Hannah Cobble Flute
28/09/19 Olivia Fullerton Keyboard
21/09/19 Angus Milla Piano
14/09/19 Francesca Martindale Piano
07/09/19 Neive McFarlane Saxophone
27/07/19 Molly Humphries Flute
20/07/19 Huey Lockwood Piano
13/07/19 Penny Rigby Piano
06/07/19 Toby Teverner Saxophone
29/06/19 Kiki Ball Piano
22/06/19 Bill Hall Piano
15/06/19 Eleanor Turner Piano
08/06/19 Amy Henry Piano
01/06/19 Max Jones Piano
21/05/19 Alice Jones Flute
18/05/19 Tom Bentley Clarinet
11/05/19 Neive McFarlane Clarinet
04/05/19 Hannah Cobble Flute
27/04/19 Olivia Fullerton Keyboard
20/04/19 Marie-Anne Mackie Piano
13/04/19 Bill Hall Piano
06/04/19 Angus Mills Piano
30/03/19 Sian Taylor Flute
23/03/19 Eleanor Turner Piano
16/03/19 Kiki Ball Piano
09/03/19 Neive McFarlane Saxophone
02/03/19 Penny Rigby Piano
2]3/02/19 Marie-Anne Mackie Piano
16/02/19 Ivo Briant-Evans Piano
09/02/19 Bill Hall Piano
02/02/19 Ruby Reid Piano
26/01/19 Alice Jones Flute
19/01/19 Harvey Ball Piano
12/01/19 Angus Mills Piano



Wewant to wish good luck to Tom Bentley, Amy Henry and Imogen Stimpson who all have their ABRSM exams later this month.


Tis the season t be looking at Christmas music. So, apologies to all parents but if the students have any Christmas music they wnt to learn then now is the time to bring it to lessons. 



We're well and truely back into the swing of things by now so her are some dates for your diary.


  • ABRSM exams will be on Wednesday 20th November. Your times will be sent out individually.
  • The closing date for entry to the Winter Wonderland is Friday 29th October.
  • The Winter Wonderland will be on Saturday 14th December in Goodworth Clatford.
  • The school will be closing for half term (the week of  28th October) so there will be no lessons that week.



Welcome back to another school year of music - though for quite a few students lessons have continued throughout the holidays. New practice diaries will be available in your lessons for just £3 each.


School will return to lessons the week beginning 9th September.


If you are wishing to take an ABRSM examination this term then please be aware that you will only have 3 weeks to make up your mins and send in necessary payment. Will we be collecting entries by Friday September 20th.




Always a quiet month for us but lessons still continue for those not jetting away to foreign places. Please be sure to call and bok your spaces.




The Summer Garden party was a huge success. We'd like to offer a special thanks to The Royal Oak for providing us with such a special venue. The quality of playing was, as ever, exceptional and we had a large number of sutdent's making their public performance debuts.


This month saw a change in venue for those taking ABRSM examinations. We were sruprised by the lack of warm up facilities at the new venue but it didn;t seem to phase our students any. Now it's just the wait for results.



Due to illness we have had to pospone the summer concert this year. But, instead we will be offering something completely new - our first Summer Garden Party  which will be held on Sunday 21st June, 2pm at The Royal Oak in Goodworth Clatford. If you would like to perform please let us know your piece,composer and approximate number of guests by Friday 5th July. You can join the Facebook event here.


ABRSM exams will be taking place on Thursday 27th June. Good luck to Hannah, Max, Eleanor, Kiki and Olivia.


As we get to the end of the school year please keep in mind that Storm Dynamics carries on teaching throughout the summer. If you would like lessons over the summer holidays we can be more flexible with times and dates.



May is usually a quiet time for us - unless you're getting ready for a music exam that is. The deadline for entry is 10th May and we can usually expect the dates to be publish 2 weeks later.


Our summer concert this year will be on Saturday June 15th at the Goodwoth Clatford Village Club in Goodworth Clatford. If you'd like to perform then please say so during your lesson. Official entry forms will be given out at the end of the month.



Happy Easter! Storm Dynamics remains open, though do make sure you confirm your lesson time.


Congratulations to Angus Mills for achieving a Merit for his Grade One piano exam. Congratulations also to former student Peter Thomson for achieving a Merit for his Grade One Trumpet exam. Peter started with Storm Dynamics as a recorder student but decided to go on to somthing a lot noisier! We couldn;t be more pleased for him.


Andover Rocks was a huge success this year and raised £2435. We played our part busking for an hour in the Time Ring in the centre of town. Francesca, Tom, Bill, Max, Neive, Amy, Max, Hannah and Eleanor really did themselves proud.



It may be the shortest school term of the year but we still have plenty going on before Easter.


ABRSM exams have been confirmed as Thursday 21st of March. You individual times will be given to you in your lessons.


We still have space available if you would like to be a part of Andover Rocks. The event offers a rare chance to perform in the centre of Andover and help raise money for local good causes.


Lessons will be contining over the Easter Holidays for those that want them. Please make arrangements in your lesson.



The weather is turning colder and, with reports of snow and ice on the way, we are all hunkering down for a cold month.


The school spring half term will run from Monday 18th to Sunday 24th Feb. Lessons are still available but, due to show comittments, evening lessons will need to be rearranged.


We are delighted to be invited back to be a part of Andover Rocks. On Saturday 6th April at 13:00 our students will be busking in The Time Ring, central Andover to raise money for local mental health charities.

You can join our event here:

Or visit the Andover Rocks Facebook page to find out more.


If you would like to be one of our buskers then please let it be known during your lesson.



Hello and welcome to 2019!


Lessons will be commencing the week of the 7th, but, as this is the first day back at school for most student’s please do get in contact if you would like to differ a week. All school will be starting back this week with the exception of St Mary Bourne which will start back on the 14th.


Entry is open for the ABRSM Spring exam session. You'll need to confirm by Jan 18th if you would like to sit and exam this time around. The session runs from 4th March to 6th April.

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