Flute Trio

The Woodwind Belles are a flute trio based in the heart of Anna Valley, Hampshire. The three ladies that make up the trio are all active members of Storm Dynamics.


For any enquiries or bookings please go to the dedicated Woodwind Belles website by clicking the button below.

Flute One. The youngest member of the group, she currently holds down the second flute position in the Andover Light Orchestra as well as play infor the school. Rebecca seizes any opportunity for public performance, be it at her school or out busking. Rebecca's fast fingering and intuitive playing make her the ideal first flute in the trio.

Flute Two. Mother to Rebecca Ledwidge Sandy is an outstanding all round musician. Her bold yet sonorous tone brings a depth and warmth the the over all sound of the Woodwind Belles. Sandy is a tutor in music theory and usues her knowledge to help bring the most out of the flute arragements.

Flute Three: Jo is a self-taught flautist who used her musical knowledge and experience as a gigging saxophonist to bring the band to life. Jo has toured Europe three times as a saxophonist and has even played  as far afield as Cape Town, South Africa.

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